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An Anonymous user asked:

*quietly* happy fathers day to you, happy fathers day to you, happy fathers day all my da-ads, happy fathers day to you (=|:c)

(not all my parents were very good, but somewhere were. i hope all good gasters and asgores have a good fathers day)

(also my toriel was fine, just not my asgore i dont think. i know my g sucked tho)

An Anonymous user asked:

I watched Detective Pikachu today and as a big-ass Chara kinnie I was bawling when Mewtwo got controlled and was talking abt how humanity was evil bc Oh God What A Mood (=|:c) 

(That little face is gonna be my signoff, it’s of one of my other kins!)

An Anonymous user asked:

hi im (ut) chara and im feeling v valid, i got some yellow marigolds and i love them so so much. would be neat to get different colors and breed them and see what happens; maybe sell them like Asgore in DR... idk... i am just v happy rn aaaaah

undertale Real

(chara kin tags ok if ur ok w doubles)

An Anonymous user asked:

I... really like Spring. I hope I can plant flowers and garden like I used to with Dad. Oh well. -Chara