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I drew this a while ago but I've been grounded this whole time so I couldn't post it before

Anyways this is a reference for my Underfell Metteton this is a kin thing lol but I need stuff to post

Kin List

Sourcetype: Game

Monika (ddlc)

Oka Ruto (Yandere Simulator)

Rouxls Kaard (deltarune)

Kris (deltarune)

Ralsei (deltarune)

Mettaton (undertale)

Chara (undertale)

Sylveon (pokemon)

Absol (pokemon)

Furfrou (pokemon)

Umbreon (pokemon)

Ilima (pokemon)

Gladion (pokemon)

Aether Employee (pokemon)

Steve (minecraft)

Emmie C. (minecraft oc)

Fran Bow-Dagenhart (fran bow/undertale crossover)

Sourcetype: Book

Scourge (warrior cats)

Jack Merridew (lord of the flies)

Sourcetype: Movie

Michael Myers (halloween)

Totoro (my neighbor totoro)

Anna (frozen)

Sourcetype: Musical

Heather Chandler (heathers: the musical)

Heather Mcnamara (heathers: the musical)






Tai'een (forest deity)

An aesthetic I made for @/QuartzPills on tumblr that I really liked

Hey Guys

Hey! It’s ya boi North from Tumblr (@/moni-kin and @/moni-kinnie). I’ll probably move my art/kin stuff here as soon as possible.Â