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I wish I was dumb enough that the school would actually help me. but no, all my adhd gets me is extended time on tests. which i don't even need most of the time

Oof I made some Goose aesthetics instead of doing my work


What people think I'll turn out like, growing up in a no cussing household: I swear all the time

What actally happened: I cuss all the time but am also very obnoxious when I hear my parents or other family members swear because you're not allowed to do that!!!!!

undertale Real

(chara kin tags ok if ur ok w doubles)

my dog bit my finger this morning,,,,,,,, rip

Todays Powermove: Wearing leggings and painting my nails in class, a travel mug with my deadname and a picture of me as a cheerleader on it on my desk. A kid is like "hey I thought you wanted to be a guy?" I stare them down before continuing to paint my nails

anyone else having troubles uploading images?

Kin List

Sourcetype: Game

Monika (ddlc)

Oka Ruto (Yandere Simulator)

Rouxls Kaard (deltarune)

Kris (deltarune)

Ralsei (deltarune)

Mettaton (undertale)

Chara (undertale)

Sylveon (pokemon)

Absol (pokemon)

Furfrou (pokemon)

Umbreon (pokemon)

Ilima (pokemon)

Gladion (pokemon)

Aether Employee (pokemon)

Steve (minecraft)

Emmie C. (minecraft oc)

Fran Bow-Dagenhart (fran bow/undertale crossover)


Sourcetype: Book

Scourge (warrior cats)

Jack Merridew (lord of the flies)


Sourcetype: Movie

Michael Myers (halloween)

Totoro (my neighbor totoro)

Anna (frozen)


Sourcetype: Musical

Heather Chandler (heathers: the musical)

Heather Mcnamara (heathers: the musical)







Tai'een (forest deity)


This is really old but I don’t wanna lose it so


Self Portrait thingy

Obligatory "Here before it got popular" post

An aesthetic I made for @/QuartzPills on tumblr that I really liked

I gotta say that I’m really liking the fact that I can edit tags without having to rewrite the whole thing again